Monday, April 16, 2007

Brother's Burger

We went to Brittany Bay in Posadas for merienda and ate at Brother's Burger, which serves rather pricey (PhP84) but delicious grilled burgers. The burger patties which used to be huge have been downsized. My sister seemed aghast at the prices so we decided not to order milkshakes(PhP85). We did order the french fries and onion rings and lemonade and iced tea...but now I kinda regret not ordering at least one strawberry or choco milkshake. Life's too short to worry about cholesterol and cash!

But the real clincher is the location. We had a pleasant view of Laguna Bay and a cool, albeit windy setting to interview my parents about People Power.

Ma and me sharing the more expensive Angus burger (PhP200+) which tasted just like the regular burger, only thicker.

Here's Jon and Twinx.

Don't ask.

I have no idea...

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