Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Friday procession

Scenes from our traditional 2-hour walkathon. I've always wondered why we did this. Maybe it's to share in the suffering of Jesus even just a little bit. Though I've complained that people now go on vacation during the Holy Week, I am always amazed at how many people join this procession. Traffic literally stops wherever we march.

But before anything, a merienda of guinataang kamote.

Kids lighting up their candles

Left: Some folks would rather watch the procession on the bridge. Right: Oooh, check out the creepy old house!

The carrozas

Left: Love how the smoke from the candles fill up the frame.
Right: Grant finishes the procession and rests in his dad's arms.
A big no-no in my time: Kids having fun on Good Friday. hehehe.

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