Monday, March 24, 2008

visita iglesia

Here are the photos me and my sis took on Maundy Thursday.

1. San Sebastian-breathtaking Neo-gothic all-steel church. We are transported back in time whenever we go here.

2. UST church-I remarked to my UST alumna sister that the facade doesn't look like a church at all, it looks like a library...she doesn't know why.

picture with the whistleblower du jour, UST's pride Jun Lozada

3 St Jude's- patron of the impossible. You supposedly can ask St. Jude to fulfill even the most impossible wishes! A good husband, lucrative job abroad,etc. Probably the reason why the place is packed! Check out 2 of the 3 TV sets they placed outside so that people wouldn't have to squeeze into the church!
Just had to take a picture of the gates of Malacanan Palace, where the president lives.

4. San Beda, very small church but quite lovely inside. The angels holding the lamps remind me of the cathedral in Quezon...

Break muna! Ma and Twinx buy some calamares on the street.

5. San Agustin-the only church that survived the bombing of Intramuros. You can see and feel history here, whispering through the walls and the tombs!

6. Manila Cathedral-now fully air-conditioned! I love the grandeur and quiet grace of this place.

7. Magallanes Church burned down 2 years ago. Lst year, they had a fund raising to rebuild it and it is now more stunning than ever. Too bad it was closed when we got there. Check out the architects' blog pictures here

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