Sunday, April 27, 2008

beautiful bohol

There is definitely more to Bohol than the Chocolate Hills and the tarsiers.

We arranged for a countryside tour on our first day and our driver/tour guide fetched us from the airport at 7am. Tagbilaran is very clean and the roads are well-paved. Their tricycles have Christian phrases painted on them instead of lewd jokes and the people seem so friendly. There is no SM in the province and I think the city is better for it.

We went to the chocolate hills and though I've seen it on postcards and ads many times, it's still quite wondrous to see for yourself. They rise dramatically onto the horizon and make you want to believe legends that say they were formed by warring giants who hurled mountains of mud at each other.
Funny story, the wind blew my dad's cap to the steep side of the lookout point and we didn't know how to get it. Mama went down to get it and we were deathly afraid she'd fall! Fortunately, nothing untoward happened. The caretakers were impressed and remarked "taong bundok yata" hahaha!

Bohol is blessed with so much beauty and history that one might run out of adjectives so I'm not even going to try.
Baclayon churchThey have old churches and old houses...
Clarin ancestral home
Left: Outside the Clarin home Right:Mama sitting on the 'impolite chair'

And clean, emerald-colored rivers...

Loboc church and river

And long stretches of white, sandy beaches...
View from Alona Beach
Cliffside of Amorita resort, Alona beach

Relaxing---my camera cannot do justice to how pristine the beach is!

At low tide, you can spot wild starfish hiding around patches of sea grass. A sign of healthy marine life, according to lonely planet

Behind is Alona Tropical resort, which shares the widest stretch of sand on Alona. Our resort is right behind that and 3 times cheaper!

Dialogue: What are beaches for, but to beach around with other beaches!And seas full of colorful life where one can go dolphin watching

or snorkelling ...

pics courtesy of my PhP595 underwater film camera

Is that Dyesebel?

blue starfish

Don't worry, we put it back!

Feeding bread to fish on Balicasag island
When I ran out of bread, I tried putting my hand out and the fish would pass by again and again in the off chance that there would be food this time. (Reminds me of Finding Nemo's Dory, who had such a short memory!)

I really enjoyed snorkelling and wished I could stay forever! So much fun!

House number 13 on Alonaland had a kitchenette, ref, 1 aircon room and a TV for PhP2,000 a night!

I enjoyed Bohol immensely and you would too if you like a relaxing, peaceful vacation with a little culture and adventure to boot. But if you like partying in Boracay, Bohol might not be the place for you. There is virtually no night life. And the tap water is rather salty. But other than that, I'd much rather stay here... and I hope it doesn't lose its simple, beguiling charm. Places like these make me want to shout: I love the Philippines!

And there are so many other islands to explore!
Some important numbers you may find useful:
For a guided tour of Bohol landmarks : Mang Jun (0917 6905627) P1,800 for aircon car tour/P2,500 for van. From Alona to the airport, car fare is P400/P600 for the van.

For dolphin watching: Mang Viao (0916 4645214)  P1,800 for rent of boat and trip to Balicasag island.


pam said...

hi! was wondering where you stayed in Bohol? you mentioned it was just behind that beach in Alona. nagpa-plano kasi akong magpunta jan, and i'm looking for an affordable place in Panglao. Thank you in advance.

mojacko said...

hi we stayed at alonaland you can check them out at


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