Sunday, January 18, 2009

my top films of 2008

A little late and definitely not academy awards material, just my own personal favorite movies or ,ehem, dvds from the past year

Favorite family movie: Mamma Mia! I watched this on dvd with my family and I now regret that I didn't let my ma and pa watch this on the big screen...just pure unadulterated fun all the way. I had the songs playing in my head for a month!

Favorite comic bookmovie: Iron Man. Sorry Batman, I hate dark, depressing movies and while everyone hailed it as the best comic book movie ever, I enjoyed Robert Downey Jr.'s playboy millionaire more. Favorite animated movie: Kung Fu Panda. Again maybe it was because of all the hype, but Wall-E just didn't affect me as much as the other Pixar films like Nemo or The incredibles...Po and the gang took themselves less seriously and the result is genuine mirth and movie magic.Favorite comedy : Tropic Thunder. Robert Downey again saves the day as 'that dude playing anothuh dude' and true to his word, he's still in character in the audio commentary! Plus, my family could not believe that was Tom Cruise!

Favorite Filipino film: Endo

What? Nope, it's not a Star Cinema rom-com. It's a small indie film that very few people outside of Cinemanila saw...which is a pity because this charming tale of contractual ('end of contract') employees who fall in love sans the histrionics or 'acting' moments one usually sees in Filipino movies is poignant and so moving in its simplicity. Too bad it's still not available on DVD.

Honorable mention: Hellboy 2 for its arresting visuals like this. Those are eyes on her wings! The dvd I got is chock-full of special features detailing the creative process behind this movie.Wow! Wonder what del Toro's dreams look like.

I still don't have any picks for Drama. I've seen Slumdog millionaire, Benjamin Button,etc. on the bangketa but I'll wait for the true dvd copy. Any suggestions or know any other films I might have missed?


edited to add:

Favorite Horror/Thriller movie: The Orphanage

Spanish language film that provided the thrills and chills without big budget special effects. Hello, Shake rattle and roll franchise of Mother Lily, it can be done! I never thought a game of "uno,dos, tres, toca la pared"(Spanish version of pepsi/7-up) could be so hair-raising!

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hahah:D kua mojacko, thanks for the comment you left at my site... i'll remember that!!!


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