Tuesday, January 27, 2009

still more pix from new year

Pa and the boys showing off the shirts from Kuya Rocel

photos courtesy of mang omeng

New year is a big deal in Pasay as this is the annual grand reunion and opeing of gifts and exchange gifts and raffle. And of course, the paagaw where my relatives scramble for coins that rain down from our generous aunts' hands.
i had to go to work on New year but I left P500 for anyone who could get the highest score on our new magicsing that Tita Chuchie gave us. Everyone thought Sherwin would win with his off-key songs that made my Kuya Arnel laugh so hard his blood pressure rose. In the end, Kuya Celso scored an upset without even glancing at the lyrics.

Ako ang nagwagi:Kuya Celso wins the top prize,photo by Jon

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