Saturday, February 21, 2009

some thoughts

just some of my thoughts about some weird news going on...
heard about the 13-year old kid who became a dad?
grabe, he looks like he's 10! hindi pa nag-break ang voice nya. but according to the internet, di pa sya ang youngest! another brit named sean was a father at 12! but he looked older than his age. now, merong doubts kung sya nga talaga ang dad kasi may 2 teens who also claim to have slept with the mom. number one, ewww! number 2: why would a 15-year old date a 4-feet tall , 13 year old? gusto nya ng boyfriend na ma-be-baby? o ngayon 2 na aalagaan nya!

meanwhile, sa australia, a pinoy was sacked for bringing a water bottle to the restroom to use as a 'tabo'
A Filipino worker in Australia was allegedly fired because of his “tabo habits”. When I say “tabo habits” it’s the usual Filipino way of using the tabo (or dipper in english) filled with water to clean up the mess after doing the deed in the toilet. The Australian employers argued that it was unhygienic (and un-Australian too ), but the Pinoy worker defended that its not unhygienic and it is part of his culture.
my reaction: ano ba pakialam nyo kung ano gawin namin sa banyo? di naman namin kayo pinakakailaman pag nandito kayo!

finally, an article on spanking drew a lot of reactions from readers who had their own experiences with parental discipline

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