Sunday, May 03, 2009

coron part 2

We went to one of the wrecks and fed some fish while snorkelling...

This is a short video of me trying to feed the fish while shooting. Wait till the timer reaches the one minute mark. Fish aren't the brightest creatures in the ocean. It took a while for them to realize the shiny white thing was bread.

Then it was off to the twin lagoons where you have to swim through a small hole to get to the small, secluded lagoon which Twinx voted as her favorite place for its romantic possibilites.

This is a video of me in the lagoon and I had no idea all sorts of fish were swimming beneath me! Next stop was Kayangan Lake but before you get there, you have to climb some 10-15 minutes but the view from the top is postcard-perfect! They say this is where the soap "Dyesebel" was shot.This is a cave we chose not to explore because Kayangan Lake was beckoning.It's the country's cleanest lake and it's not hard to see why. It's crystal clear and you can see the bottom no matter how deep it is.And it is very deep! Jon accidentally dropped my snorkel here and we couldn't get it till a small Tagbanua kid dove down and got it for us.

I like the fact that there is no moss on any stone though I can't figure out why. There are tiny long-nosed fish and snails that live in the lake and also some shrimp who like to tickle my Papa's toes!

As a final treat, here's Twinx showing us Kayangan Lake while singing the theme from "Dyesebel"
Note: Kayangan Lake is open until 4 PM only so get there early to get the most of your P200!

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