Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My backpack design entry

Shopwise had a backpack design competition around the theme Pinoy pride so this is what I made...I didn't win but I did get some Shopwise groceries for my effort. I decided to add some more touches as I was inspired by jeepney art and our penchant for horror vacuii (fear of empty spaces) It's just so Pinoy to decorate everything with abubut(trinkets)

side view of the bag. featuring lucban's pahiyas fiesta and bohol's chocolate hills

top view i put other pinoy stuff. back view: i'm especially proud of the straps which show a butanding (whale shark) and a sun emblem which was on the flag of the katipunan.
back view again a sun plus some words in the ancient filipino script, baybayin. plus 10 points to anyone who can decipher what's written.
bottom view: the banaue rice terraces.


Lou said...

This is just wonderful! I loved it and you really rock, Adrian. Too bad you didn't get the prize I won't be surprised if the contest had been pre arranged!!! So typical..

mojacko said...

thanks tantie, pero hindi naman siguro... iba lang ang taste ng judges. anyway,buti nakakapag-surf pa's everybody?


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