Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sentro 1771, fabulous filipino food, finally!

After some mildly disappointing meals at Fely J and Mesa, my faith in upscale Filipino food has been restored with Sentro 1771.  We've always wanted to go there but were afraid that since it was part of the Chateau 1771 group, it would be insanely expensive. Fortunately, it's just around average for Greenblet resto prices but infinitely more satisfying.

The perfect occasion to try it out: my parents' wedding annniversay!

Pitcher of pandan lemon(P210) is ok, but could be sweeter

Tomato kesong puti salad(P280) a combination of goat cheese slices and deep-fried goat cheese. A nice variation of salad but I found the kesong puti very salty.

Sentro Garlic steak, solo serving (P480) Clear winner for me! Tender beef roasted and topped with herbed butter with deep fried spinach leaves!

Catfish sentro style, solo serving (P350) was one of the chef's recommendations, it's new but was nothing spectacular for us.

The specialty of the resto is the sinigang na corned beef (P595) and  my sister loved it so much she was almost in tears. The waiter will bring you a small cup to determine how sour you want your soup to be which is nice, but even better, the soup is refillable! Yey! Rice is a bit pricey at P45 a cup so if you can sneak in your own rice cooker and just order the refilable soup, you're set! hehehe!

For dessert we went to Conti's and just had Mango Bravo, Viennese Mocha and Choco almond sans rival because we were still full from lunch. But we did order 2 slices of Peach walnut torte to go. Service can be a bit slow, though. We waited a long time for our bill and take out items. I don't know why, it's just slicing cake...

Always dependable, a tall slice of Mango Bravo
Not too keen on this viennese mocha torte...we weren't able to finish it.

Twinx is still slightly excited to have dessert, though.

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mom said...

grabe parang sarap umuwi at dyan nag celebrate ng 21st wedding anniversary namin. i loved the food you shared especially the cakes. can't wait to eat all of them on my next visit.


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