Saturday, December 25, 2010

maligayang pasko lucena!

 here are some pics from our Christmas in Lucena. Twinx wasn't able to come because they were being cautious with her pregnancy. We did get to chat with her via webcam last night.
 The feast prepared by Wowa and Tito Dante
 Hmmmm. blog website  is acting up. the pix are vertical in photoshop but come out horizontal here....
anyway, some of the food on the table were turbo- broiled chicken with mushroom, caldereta, embotido, gallo con queso (tama po ba wowa?) quezo de bola and hamon.

Interesting sidenote: according to food writer doreen fernandez, during  the spanish colonial times, beef and cheese were rare and expensive as they came by galleon so only the rich were able to afford it. Thus, the ordinary folk had to save up and only had them for noche buena. And that's why these Spanish food (jamon, embotido, morcon, galantina, relleno, casta├▒as) became identified with Christmas.
 the desserts: buko salad, gelatin with lychee,  ube halaya all made by Tito Dante and leche flan by Dana.
 kain po! let's eat!
 this is me with the ipod nano i won in the mama mary contest. thaks to everyone for your help!
this is dana also praying that she wins an ipod or new cellphone. there's another contest coming up dana! join na!

 wowa opening the gifts
 dana and kristoff
 as requested, i got dana books by Bob Ong.
The next day,

I'm dreaming of a wet Christmas...
 Even though it was raining, a troop of kids and adults still went from house to house yelling "Namamasko po!" as Wowa and Jon handed out coins and candy.
 After a while though, the the giver started losing yuletide cheer...
 We got a chance to chat via webcam with Kuya Nonong and Andrew
 before we had to go back to Manila to avoid the traffic. And we did!
Some of the well-preserved old houses that have been revitalized by finding new ways to use them. Some are preschools or law offices or restaurants...
or proud tourist attractions like the Enriquez Ancestral house. May our Filipino traditions endure wherever we may be! Maligayang Pasko!

 some of my gifts for the kids this year: a lego-like car (tsk,made in china) but i did partner it with filipino books with really interesting drawings.

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