Monday, June 20, 2011

mother's day at North Park and father's day at Conti's

 I got so busy with my Davao post I forgot to post a few photos of our Mother's day lunch at North Park, a chinese restaurant. The food is always very good but a bit expensive for everyday meals. We order from this place at work when it's somebody's birthday.
Ampalaya con carne (P177). Jon forced himself to eat the bitter melon fear factor style. I should have taken a picture of his face!

Fresh prawn dumpling soup (P183). Perfect for rainy days!

Sweet and sour pork (P195) So tender and deliciously seasoned.

Soup of the day Cheesy vegetable (P80) and Crab salad (P140)
 For Father's Day we didn't want to risk trying out something new so we went to the old reliable, Conti's. But rising food prices may have affected them as some of the dishes are living up to their name (Konti!)

It was also Rizal Day so we dressed in honor of our national hero.
Assorted dips with melba toast (P120) It's ok but Italianni's is better

Gambas y Champinon al Ajillo (P175.00) Too spicy for me but Papa loved it!

Chicken Marsala (P 195.00) This was what I was talking about! The serving was just too miniscule for my brother's appetite! Plus he said it wasn't as good as their other chicken dishes

Lengua estofado (P290) My order was very satisfying and melt in your mouth soft.

USDA Rib Eye Steak (P 295.00/100g) An old favorite is as always delectable but warning to all Pinoy eaters: rice not included!

Nice touch: All dads got a pack of cookies on Father's day. Sweet!
 My only complaint about our meal was when we tried to reserve my fave cake, Peach walnut torte. While we ordered lunch we also wanted the cake to go so could one be reserved for us? Our waiter curtly said they didn't have storage so they couldn't reserve it. My mama asked the manager and they were hard put to explain that they didn't do reservations but eventually relented and reserved the cake for us. After our meal, one of the staff apologetically said that their one Peach walnut had already been reserved by phone and would we like to order a different cake. I pouted like a child and mom said no. (Didn't they just say they don't accept reservations?) The waitress said she'd ordered another Peach walnut from another branch and in the end we got what we wanted. It's a good thing their cakes are that good. But Conti's please get your act together next time!

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of fruits from last summer: Only the siniguelas did not come from our garden!
Apple mangoes and star apples

Atis / Custard apple

Duhat/ Java plum. My favorite even when we were kids in Pasay!

Siniguelas/ Spanish plums.

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i♥pinkc00kies said...

Conti's & NOrth Park are my family's favorites too!


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