Friday, August 12, 2011

finally, i won! i won!

After years of trying to win one, I finally won an ipad 2 with wifi and 3G!  Remember how I said that the ipad is the best and worst gadget of the year? Well, the ipad2 is the best especially when it's free! I love all the free apps and free downloads!

I still maintain that the ipad is a toy for adults that's why despite the many times I've joined and failed to win it, I've never considered buying one. So I kept trying. Off the top of my head, here are some of the contests I've joined :
  • a travel site on facebook (the first one I joined) Most "liked" video wins.: I Lost.
  • technoodling raffle: Lost
  • Mama Mary photo contest (50% "Likes", 50% judges): Won 2nd place--ipod nano
  • Teen wolf on AXN raffle: Lost
  • Summit  promo alert  raffle: Lost
  • Pakyaw group buy raffle: Lost
  • Yahoo meme my2010 best post contest: Lost
  • Bigen ipad a day raffle: Lost
  • Babyflo raffle: Pending
  • Mama Mary video contest: Pending
  • Walker gadget raffle: Pending **update : Lost
  • Berri Phils. raffle: Pending **update : Lost
  • Magnolia chocolait photo contest: Pending **update (consolation prize)
(Looking at the list, I admit I may have a problem  :P)

So when I saw the ipad giveaway  here I thought it was a long shot since it was again a raffle but I've always believed that the only sure way to lose is to never join at all, I gave it a shot since it was free and easy. After following all the instructions, I just left it to fate. I'd done all I could and it was out of my hands now. Imagine my surprise when I got a call from Ms. Jenni herself saying I won the ipad2!!! I was so happy I dashed to her office the next day! I posted a message on my facebook page telling all my friends and relative I would stop pestering them now to vote for my entries. :)

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