Friday, July 15, 2011

mojacko recommends: cake planet!

  Dessert comed first blogger Lori wrote about a new discovery here  so I just had to rush out of work and try it out myself. Not only was it so near where I live, its weird shop hours (1 pm to 1am) were just perfect for my schedule!

So I arrived in Bicutan at midnight and my only mistake is that I thought it was a short walk to get to the shop. Nope, better take a trike if you don't have a car. It's only 8 pesos. It is wondrous to see a store (that isn't a 7-11 ) still alive and perky with all the lights on at that time, there was a even a group of friends hanging out at one table! Usually, this part of Manila is already asleep or itching to close shop and get home. Even SM Bicutan didn't think it was profitable to stay open this late.
Be warned, though that prices are higher than Conti's.(But not by much ) Most of the cakes are P100-P150 a slice. There is also an additional P5 fee for orders to go.

I immediately tasted the Chocolate macadamia sans rival because I love those expensive nuts! It was mmm-good and not cloyingly sweet like most sans rivals. I also like that it was so soft and creamy and not nakakasawa (you won't tire of the taste) But I did hope there were more macadamia nuts.

Then I went for the turtle pie which they claim made the shop famous and I totally agree! This is so surprisingly good! Better than Conti's for sure...The caramel and chocolate at the base blend so deliciously it took all my willpower no to finish it.

Cake Planet definitely has a winner here but it still can't take the place of my favorite cake, Conti's peach walnut torte. I just love whipped cream and walnuts. But I will try out Cake Planet's Mango Empress which sounds like a good substitute. And I will come back for the choco walnut temptation!


 I went back yesterday to try their other treats and it's just too bad they ran out of my prime target, the mango empress. I had to make do with the choco walnut temptation and the super moist chocolate cake
Super moist chocolate ckae (P120)
 They weren't kidding when they said super moist! It had just the right balance of softness and lightness, like eating a sweet cloud. It sat on a layer of caramel that would be heaven for most sweet tooths but for me that made it too sweet. Also, while some prefer cake that is pure and simple, I like mine layered with all sorts of other components like nuts and cream.
Chocolate walnut temptation (P150)
Now this was a more intricate cake with dark chocolate and layers of meringue in between with walnuts scattered here and there. I love the bittersweet chocolate but I wish there were more walnuts. Good thing I had some at home. I also added some cream for good measure.

--------------------------------------------final update------------------------------------------------------------------------

My brother was feeling rich and bought all of us a cake and I was finally able to sample their Mango Empress (P140) and the verdict, the prize for best dessert still goes to---Conti's peach walnut torte!
The mango empress failed to impress me because it was too subtle. I hardly tayted any sweetness to counter the slight sourness/tartness of the mango topping or the layers of mango filling. But this might suit those who like lemon pies.  A chiffon  version of this would be divine!
Jon got the chocolate marshmallow and while it was fine, he said he still prefers Conti's but Cake Planet's location made it a more convenient alternative for days when one craves for sugar!
One thing I do wonder about this store is why they don't print the prices of their cakes (per slice or whole) along with their names. And since I didn't get a receipt, I had to ask how much each slice was after paying.

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