Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paying for nostalgia

Snake eyes and Baroness P400 and P330

My wolverine tank
My favorite toys were my GI Joes. My cousins and I even talked about who would buy which Joe or Cobra so we wouldn't have duplicates when we played together. I loved how they had profiles  and "classified information" that came with their box. We played with them till we became teenagers and weren't interested in them anymore. I passed them off to my brother who would make them slide down a string and they would fall and get broken. I eventually gave away to charity the last of them that survived, even the big offshore base my Tita Chuchie gave me.

Now I miss them and when I saw a store selling the new versions with their ugly, garish colors, I wished I could find my old ones again. I saw them in a specialty toy store and they were more expensive but that's the price you pay for nostalgia.

I also found my old wolverine tank all dusty and missing lots of parts but still looking pretty good in one corner of our house. It brought back fond memories of my childhood when we didn't have computers or cable. All we had were action figures and imagination and I was thrilled.

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