Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back to Wee Nam Kee

I forgot to post that we celebrated Jon's birthday early to take advanatge of the fact that we were all together after Christmas.

I enjoyed eating at Wee Nam Kee on Mama's birthday and I promised Twinx that we would bring them there so this perfect. The only problem was that the Makati government had closed off some parts of Ayala for their New Year shindig and we ended up  parking far away from the Ayala Triangle. Alos, the park had a Christmas light and sound show every night which meant all the restaurants were packed! We had to wait an hour just ot be seated. I'm so glad my family didn't complain. And I'm equally happy that Wee Nam Kee didn't disappoint! This time we ordered the combination hainanese chicken which meant that half would be boiled and half would be roasted. The roasted parts were saltier we found, but still amazing, as my sister exlclaimed.


i♥pinkc00kies said...

Love their chicken rice!! the chicken noodle soup is so good too :)

mojacko said...

Thanks for commenting and thanks for the tip! Will check out the noodle soup next time! :)


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