Sunday, March 25, 2012

March birthday celebration at Tender Bob's

Today was the only weekend most convenient to meet up with Twinkle so we decided to celebrate my birthday , Twink's and Papa's birthday, too. I was hankering for some meat so after consulting some friends on facebook, I chose Tender Bob's in Greenbelt 2 which as their sign says, specializes in steaks, ribs and burgers. My other choices were Momo cafe in Ayala Triangle and Mr. Jones in Greenbelt 5(?) but Momo's meal choices seems limited and Mr. Jones is always full, according to my siblings' friends. My only fear was that Tender Bob's might be full and we'd end up in old reliable Conti's once again.

 Luckily, Tender Bob's was almost deserted when we got there at noon.
Caesar Salad (for sharing P355)
 Ma said the salad was too little for sharing and was not as tasty as Italianni's
Clam chowder (P175)
 But Ma and Jon liked the clam chowder!
The bomb (side dish for rib eye)
 The bomb is thinly sliced potatoes with butter and garlic. While it's ok, I still prefer mashed potatoes
US Angus Ribeye Steak (P1,190 for 2)
 For me, the star of the meal was the rib eye. It's so unhealthy but so delicious. i just ate my way around the fat. The smoky flavor of the very soft beef didn't even require the accompanying gravy or the steak sauce but they were good, too, for variations of flavor. My mom preferred having it with the pepper sauce.
Baby back ribs (P520)
 Th rib eye was not so good, though and was almost ignored. It was sweet and not so tender. My advice would be to skip this and order a salmon or chicken instead so you don't get tired of all the beef.
Domestic Tender loin steak (P550)
This was what remained of the Philippine-sourced tenderloin steak before I got a chance to photograph it. It was quite good, as a non-steak expert, I didn't really see the difference between the local and imported steaks but I am biased towards the rib eye only beacuse it was cooked medium well versus the tenderloin which was medium rare. I really don't like meat that's still red inside.

Our total bill was P3,450 -- a bit pricey for our taste but well worth it. Plus, this was 3 birthday celebrations so it was a steal!

Here's Alex with hair!

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