Sunday, April 08, 2012

visita iglesia 2012: Go local

Last year, we took so long going to all the chuches in the city we almost didn't make it to dinner at Max's. So this year, I suggested a more accessible route.
We started with our local parish, the Padre Pio chapel, formerly the Sto. Nino chapel. This is where we attend mass.
The eucharist was placed in this area to accommodate more people

Next stop is the UPS-4 chapel. This was the chapel we went to when we were younger. It was near our home and we used to walk there on sunday morning. It's been years since I last went here and I can hardly remember it but I'm happy it looks quite nice with lots of trees and flowers.

Note how the statues of the angels and saints are covered to show they were in mourning

Then we went to Marcelo Green village, the main church of our parish, the Mother of Good Counsel. We went here for many, many years. I remember how we used to go to the nearby cluster of stores after mass to buy tshirts and groceries and even comics and gifts. We only stopped going here when the chapel in our subdivision started offering mass. This was more convenient for us because it was nearer but curiously, we still got late lots of times.

Behind us is the commercial area where we hung out after mass

Church number 4 was the Mary Help of christians shrine in Bicutan. We got a bit lost but we were quite happy to be here again. It's just weird how far the stations of the cross are.  Mom got hungry and bought some puto bumbong and bibingka.
Simple snack

Meanwhile, I noticed the Army/Navy club was open and I just wanted to try it out. Sorry Lord! We ordered a very sinful steak burrito and a fat juicy burger. If it's any consolation, i didn't enjoy the steak burrito much. I prefer ground beef  from Pancake house.
Lord have mercy!

The burger and burrito took a while to cook and eat which derailed our schedule a bit. But that was nothing compared to how long it took to get into Sanctuario de San Antonio in Forbes. Traffic was really heavy and parking and getting out was such a mess. We took the longest time at this church. But it was nice to get shots of the church still lit up after the traditional washing of the feet.

Ma says these blue tinted stations of the cross were imported form the Netherlands

Our 6th church was the greenbelt church in Makati. It was heartening to see people in the Glorietta area actually praying and not partying.

Our final church was the Don Bosco Makati church. Again, very difficult to get to so we parked quite a few meters away because we knew that it was a very popular church to go to.

We were pleased to arrive at 8pm  at Max's (They were closing at 9PM ) And only waited a short while before getting a table. We just ordered a chicken and some hototay soup for a total bill of less than P800.
And as a bonus, here's an easter egg I made. We used to paint a dozen of them for easter egg hunting.
Nope, not this one. That's a salted egg
Philippine mangoes for summer!

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