Friday, August 03, 2012

Mojacko recommends: Original Savory Antipolo

I should have posted this way back in April! Apologies...
It was quite a pleasant surprise to find a branch of the Original Savory restaurant in Antipolo of all places! Someone decided to put up a mall beside the Antipolo church and while I'm not sure I like the idea , I sure am glad we tried out the resto.

View from inside the mall. Commercialization is changing Antipolo. Hope it doesn't lose its charm
My pa said Savory was a contemporary of the very popular Max's chicken house and also served very good fried chicken.

I've tried out Classic Savory twice before and I did not like it. It was too oily. It turns out the original Savory which started out as a panciteria in Quiapo way back in 1950 had split into 2 rival restaurants run by estranged cousins. Classic Savory is fastfood and has rapidly expanded its branches in malls while Original Savory hews closely  to its panciteria roots and has only 11 branches .
And Original Savory is way better! The chicken is not oily but juicy and flavorful. My brother just finds the gravy too unusual for his taste (must be the MSG)

Good for 4 (P340)
The fried rice was practically a meal in itself (P130 good for 4!)

And the pancit canton was, well, savory! Laden with generous servings of meat and veggies, this dish knocks out the noodle dishes of more well-known restos. (P195 for 4)

The eight treasures soup was also quite good. The only problem was that the staff forgot our order so this came last and not first, as per usual. (P220 for 4)

And the servings were huge. I actually thought there would be a lot leftover but either the food was so good or my family was very hungry, all the plates were empty by the end of the meal.

Definitely worth a visit!

Their website with their menu here


S. Gamboa said...

It really looks so inviting, I never seen this place in Antipolo. Next time, I will try to drop by in this place.

mojacko said...

It's a recent development. Check it out. Some other nice restos are there, too. Thanks for visiting!


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