Friday, July 06, 2012

Guernica's for ma and pa's anniversary

Happy Anniversary!
So we went to get a painting I made for Pagcor's painting competition (I didn't win) but we did get to pass by Sucat and Dr. Santos Avenue after a long time and we spotted Guernica's right beside Shopwise Sucat.

Mama said it was the go to place for Spanish food even before there was Casa Marcos (a steak place we used to go to) Mama has fond memories of their old location in Makati. A waitress said that this branch was the only branch now.

Because there are lots of restaurants competing for customers in that area, (not even including the endless rows of restos in BF Homes just on the other side) the place was practically deserted, which was too bad since Guernica's offers good food at relatively affordable  prices.
Papa playing dominos

Ooh! A certain baby would love all the things he can play with here!

We settled for one of the fat tables at the side. The tables hid various games one could play with while waiting for your meal. We spotted chess, snakes and ladders and dominos.

Or you could have some garlic bread (free)
3 meatballs and 3 spicy garlic shrimps plus lots og mushrooms

We started with the tapas sampler (P395) which had garlic mushrooms, shrimps and meatballs or albondigas which we Pinoys know as almondigas.
Chef's salad (P255) Ma said Iberian ham is expensive. And also very salty to my plebiean tongue!

Mama then proceeded to tell us stories of her grandfather who was a much sought-after cook for fiestas in those days. Mama now regrest not paying attention to those cooking lessons.

We also had the crema de aranjuez ( cream of asparagus) and crema de champinones (mushroom) for P65 each.

For our main meal we had legua estofado (P315) which looked too small to share but Ma was able to divide it for the 4 of us. This had a dark, deep flavor which made it very savory.

And of course, we just had to try their paella valenciana (P440) which I again thought looked like it couldn't feed all of us but I was wrong. After a while we felt full from all the seafood and spices., which made it hard to appreciate the lengua because they both had rich flavors. Maybe you should pair the lengua with plain rice so that it doesn't overwhelm your palette. (In tagalaog, hindi naglalaban ang lasa)

One nitpick, the paella did not have any lemon or lime wedges which would have cut through the oil and seafood taste of the dish.

And a letdown for techies, no wifi!

They do honor the senior citizen's card and unlike Jollibee, they will give the hefty discount to the most expensive item you ordered so we got a P110 peso discount and ended up paying just P1,700 for a sated and satisfied group of 4.

Bottomline, if you're in the area and want to try out some authentic Spanish cuisine, don't pass up the opportunity to try Guernica's!

Note: After much discussion, I found that it should be pronounced Ger-ni-ca. No "u" sound just like in guerilla or Guevarra or (duh) the last syllable in Rodriguez.

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