Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's day at Sieg's

We were looking for another new dining place for Father's Day and a friend suggested a resto very near our place. It's called Sieg's and it's right in Better Living in Bicutan.
It's a big place with a ktv bar upstairs with a homey feel.
The menu is eclectic with everything from pasta to caldereta to tempura.

While most everything we had was satisfying, it really didn't blow me away. In fact, it feels like a less commercialized version of Gerry's Grill or Dencio's. Or maybe it's because I was hankering for some Hainanese chicken or Tonkatsu.

The biggest come on is how affordable it it. Elsewhere, our family of 4 would spend upwards of P2,000 for a similar meal. Here, it only costs P1,845.

Caesar's salad (P220). Nothing you wouldn't be able to replicate at home.

Boston clam chowder (P85) At last, mom's craving for chowder has been sated. Very creamy, and with real clam bits

Kalderetang kambing (P330) Rather small serving and it was mostly boney parts. Savory sauce, though!

Litson kawali (P240) Crucnchy and sinful, but typical. Mom did like the unusual side dish of kimchi! We liked dipping it in vinegar instead of the liver sauce.

Prawns tempura (P360)  Plentiful and affordable, the best of the lot. And unlike other tempura which had a bland sauce, theirs was salty good and perfect when paired with rice.

Grilled Tuna belly (P240) This was the disappointment because it wasn't fresh. It was malansa/ had a fishy taste.

To let the meal settle, Papa and Jon even ordered some coffee(P45) and capuccino(P65)

Final verdict: Go here when Gerry's grill is full but pass on the tuna

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