Monday, May 14, 2012

Mama's day at MoMo Cafe

For Mother's day, Mama wanted to go someplace new so I thought of Momo Cafe in Ayala Triangle which was my second choice for where we were going to hold our triple birthday celebration before we eventually settled for Tender Bob's.

Momo is one of the classier, hipper restos in the triangle as you can see from its interiors. From the funky chairs to the unconventional kitchen set up which is partially visible to the customers, you feel that you're in for a different experience.

It's also one of the more expensive restos in the triangle but pretty much average for Makati. The cheapest drinks are the iced teas which cost P110 but they're huge. Most meals are also large enough for sharing as indicated on their menu.
Blueberry iced tea. Good!
Choco chip smoothie(P120) Jon didn't like it because of the blended banana .

We started with the Momo Gourmet salad (P295) which came in a huge bowl. It had arugula, lettuce, grapes, orange slices, eggs and candied walnuts. For me, it was too little for sharing and not special enough to be called gourmet. I liked Italliani's  salad more, though I have heard their quality is now deteriorating.

One hilarious booboo they made was telling my mom that their soup of the day was seafood chowder , which my mom loves so she ordered it, only to be informed later on that the soup of the day was not yet ready at lunch time. (What?) They  gave us a complimentary bowl of ratatouille but mama was looking forward to chowder.
Lesson for restos: Check first if your soup of the day is ready before writing it on your menu. This was sour , just like our sinigang

I ordered the Creamy, crabby seafood casserole(P395), which was like a risotto with bits of fish, squid and lots of cheese which Jon loved but I was a bit disappointed that the crabs were crab sticks, not real crab. Mama correctly pointed out that you couldn't eat this by itself. You'd need another viand.

We also ordered the Roast Beef fingers (P495) which were large slices of tender beef on a bed of mashed potatoes. It was good but i would have wanted more gravy for flavor.

We also ordered the Blue Marlin Shish kabab(P350) which was the clear winner for all of us. The fish was fresh and perfectly seasoned and grilled on a bed of paella. Each bite made me crave for more.

For dessert, we tried out the chocnut sans rival (P195) which was rich and not too sweet and chewy but too pricey for me.

The ube tres leches (P150) was tres, tres sweet I almost didn't taste the ube.
Surprise! Moms got a free gift bag containing a magazine plus cooking ingredients and cleaning liquids

Overall, Momo is a very satisfying pick which is great for dates and also families.

But for me, the best value for money meals can be found in Wee Nam Kee.

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