Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cielin's Chocolate Cakes

I'm an avid follower of Anton Diaz's blog so when I read his post about The battle of the "gasoline cakes" way back in 2006, I just had to try them out. I'm from the southern part of Metro Manila so I had already tasted Ms. Polly's chocolate cake. And lucky for me, the Caltex cake is on the way to where I work! So one day I bought one for the office. Too bad we didn't have camera phones then so I wasn't able to blog about it but it was a hit!

Years later, I was saddened to learn that the Caltex store that sold the cakes had been replaced by a 7-11 store which did not sell the cakes.

I thought that the seller had closed his/her business till I tried an internet search and found out that the Caltex cakes were from Cielin's Cakehouse and wouldn't you know it, the shop is located in BF Homes!

Even better, they also sell some of their products in Shopwise! I went to the Shopwise's bakeshop and found choco cupcakes, brazo de mercedes, banana-carrot cupcakes and the famous chocolate cakes behind the glass counter!  They even sold individual cake slices for P64! The only downside is that there was a slight mark up versus their BF homes prices. A whole cake in BF costs P375 while in Shopwise it costs P424.
This pack of 6 cupcakes costs P133 or P21 each versus P17 per cupcake at BF.
The cupcakes are light and fluffy with a sweet chocolate frosting that smells heavenly!
I wish Shopwise would carry their other products, too, like the walnut pie and mango torte!

Check out their facebbok page, too

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Angeline Sayoc said...

If you want fudgy or moist cakes, visit Cielin's Cakehouse!


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