Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Food finds in Makati

I discovered lots of new food outlets all around Makati this year which I shared on my facebook/instagram account but I'd also like to place them here. They're not new but I only recently experienced them and I hope you enjoy them vicariously!

Deco's Batchoy in Alphaland, Makati. It's said to be more authentic than Ted's batchoy though they both have a lot of MSG to me. Curious that there is no option to add an egg to the soup. Well, I bought an egg from the supermarket anyway. Prices range from P75 up. There is no difference between the regular, special or extra orders. The serving size just gets bigger.

Tita Paring's suman sa lihiya( P45) Very soft and yummy! When mixed with the seet latik sauce brings back memories of childhood. There's an outlet at the basement food court of Landmark Makati

Hizon's ensaimada. (P85) Oh it's so sinfully good! It will wreck your diet but it's worth it! A wonderful blend of butter and cheese and sugar. Also from the Landmark Makati food court

Purple Oven's goodies (From P30 up) A small branch is located near the Sacred Heart church in Makati where they sell both sweet and savory pastries. They are said to be the suppliers of the Starbucks cakes and donuts,too, so prices are a bit steep but lower than if you buy from that coffee place. They also offer a free taste of their brownies.

Christmas packaging of Purple oven's brownies. Delicious and light but definitely expensive at P260 for half a box/16 pieces.
I wish they would offer cake slices, too, not only for people who can't afford to buy a whole cake but also for other customers who would like to check out which cake they like before deciding which one to buy.


Anonymous said...

Any recommendation for the best but budget friendly bulalo and tapsi? i love those foodies---Anton

mojacko said...

Hmmm... I love tapa king but their servings aren't sulit. Lots of rice but too little beef. Try Rufo's although it's smothered in sauce. Rodic's of UP Diliman also has a branch in makati. For bulalo, i only order it at Rose and Grace in sto. Tomas, Laguna. Thanks for visiting!


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