Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Disappointment at Dayrit's

 This was a hard post to write but I hope readers will appreciate our honest experience.

We were really supposed to eat at Max's in Magallanes after our Visita Iglesia last March. But our traditonal go-to resto closed early so we looked for other restaurants that were open. We decided to try Dayrit's which was full of people, which I took to be a good sign. Service was slow but forgivable  because of the holiday.

  Since it was also my Papa's birthday,  encouraged him to try the house specialty, Roast beef plate. (P300) The serving was large but sadly bland, which is too bad because the meat was quite tender. My mom ordered the roast beef with rice (P175) which she drizzled with hot sauce and salt for flavor.
 I ordered another house specialty, the beef caldereta (P215) which was  just ok, not something I'd call special or memorable.
My brother ordered the hamburger steak (P225) which is pretty hard to mess up but at least this dish left him satisfied.

I don't know if we ordered the wrong items or the cook made a mistake but this was our second meal at Dayrit's and there won't be a third.

We should have gone to Pancake House instead.

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