Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More food finds

Turtle pie  from Purple Oven for my parent's anniversary, P680. Delicious!
 I read an article about how top bloggers are earning thousands from blogging but they're usually chic lifestyle posts on designer clothes and such. I can't imagine anyone wanting to see my outfit of the day! :D
Well, here are some of my latest food finds from the current cronut craze to the simple fare that will satisfy my cravings!

Wanton mami from Hong Kong noodles and dimsum P60. It's a good alternative to Chow King

Sweet and sour fish fillet P79 from HK noodles and dimsum. I like this better than the ones I see in some restos which are a sickeningly bright orange.

Little pecan pies from Purple Oven, P520 for a box of 6. Too sweet for me. Had to temper the sweetness with a dollop of whipped cream.

Bacolod chicken house pansit molo P98. calls it one of the best in the city. I agree, though the strips of intestines made it feel like i was eating batchoy
Le coeur de france cronut P89. It's good but I think overpriced. I think P50 would be reasonable.

Lugaw from lugawan sa tejeros P15. One of's best in the city. The serving size is too big for one person. It can be shared by 2 hungry persons on a cold, rainy afternoon!

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