Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mini food reviews:Omakase and Tokyo tokyo


For Mama's delayed birthday celebration, we wanted to go to dampa, but the car still had to be fixed so we went back to Omakase in Ayala Triangle. We weren't very satisfied when we first went here but we decided to give it another chance.

Teriyakidon (P195)

Tonkatsudon (P180)

And I'm glad we did. This time we ordered more familiar fare like the tonkatsu, teriyaki and tempura which were all very satisfying and very affordable.
Seafood bento (P440)

Mama got the seafood bento which was huge and also quite good. Too bad I had a toothache so I couldn't help her finish the meal which was really too large for one person. It even comes with miso soup and ice cream for dessert!
 Omakase has redeemed itself in our eyes and tummies!
Meanwhile, I got very curious about another japanese restaurant that we had written off for its dwindling quality. Tokyo Tokyo used to be our favorite place for reasonable japanese food but over the years the resto struggled to compete and the food just turned awful. But it seems they're trying to reinvigorate their brand with their new offerings like the ramen and burgers (go figure)
Burger (P99)

And surprise, surprise! They're actually quite delicious! The burger was very juicy and tasty and the side order of fries sprinkled with seaweed salt(?) was delectably different.
 Ramen snack size (P99)

The ramen reminded me of our own mami but with Japanese flourishes. I called it the mami with umami! Mind you, I haven't tasted the more expensive versions at the ramen houses that are all the rage now but this is what I was waiting for---good soup at fastfood prices! Now if only they could upgrade the quality of their core menu...


Cristina said...

Found your blog after looking at your review of Sieg's.
If you don't mind my asking, I was wondering if your mother is a teacher? She reminds me so much of my teacher back in grade school.

mojacko said...

Hi, thanks for visiting. Yup my mom is a teacher and may have been your teacher.


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