Monday, May 14, 2007

election pinoy style

Isn't it interesting that most everything a Pinoy does turns into a celebration? Elections here resemble a fiesta. Campaign posters are made to look like banderitas. There's music, there are entertainers, and food all around.

i went to the gym near our parish church where we were to vote. jon and ma were there because they were volunteers for the PPCRV (parish pastoral council for responsible voting). we brought them water, chairs and a flashlight, just in case there was a power outage at night.

we were able to fill up our ballots quickly as most voters would probably wait till the last minute to go to their polling precinct.

stone age in 2007
last time, we had tables with plywood partitions to use as voting booths. this time around, we didn't even have tables! people had to write on monobloc chairs while squatting on the floor!
Dirty finger. Me showing off my indelible ink stain

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