Friday, May 18, 2007

good news and bad news in RP elections

Most of the votes for the local elective posts have been counted and the good news is that being a celebrity is not enough to get elected in the philippines anymore! yehey! this is a painful and expensive lesson not just for wannabes richard gomez and cesar montano, but also for manny pacquiao ( who is photographed below, after the counting ), lito lapid and anjo yllana.

tito sotto looks like he won't waste taxpayers' money in the senate. good news uli, ate vi is set to be batangas gov! too bad di nay makaka-team up si christopher de leon...sayang, can you imagine the batangas capitol with ate vi and boyet? parang may shooting araw-araw!

Mano po 5: Ala 'eh!
Ate Vi: Vice Boyet, nasaan ang pondo ng bayan?
Boyet: I'm soooorry, hindi ko alam! Baka na kay Val!
Ate Vi: Si Val, si Val, si Val! Lagi na lang si Val! Wala syang ginagawang masama!
Boyet: Akala mo lang wala! Pero meron! meron! meron!!!(sampalan!) (halikan!) The end.

Well, it seems Boyet will share the same fate as ex-wife Nora Aunor na natalo sa Bicol. Pero ang kanyang look-alike, si Teri Onor, landslide winner as vice mayor ng Bataan! Ate, kuya! Walang Himala----po!!!

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