Friday, March 05, 2010

Twinx's birthday at Amici

For twinx's birthday, we went back to Amici in Makati. It has left its cafeteria roots to become more like a streamlined resto. But ordering is still self-service: Fall in line and order at the counter, get your own utensils and water, drinks are still ordered at the ice cream counter, now called Caramia.

Prices have gone up a little but the servings seem smaller. Either that or we were very hungry. :D The food is still good but some favorites like the Osso Buco risotto is gone, replaced by pork or seafood risotto, both good alternatives for rice-loving Pinoys. A most welcome addition is their expanded lineup of desserts. They now have ice cream, cake and ice cream cake!

The anitpasti: Amici Polpette (meatballs in tomato sauce and chees) P170--nothing spectacular

Caesar's salad P140--serving good for one only. Dressing was really tasty!

Ragu risotto(pork) P250--Tender and succulent!

Vongole (Seafod in white sauce) P230--Always a winner, though a little spicy

Lasagna P195--it's funny, I like this version more than last time's but Jon liked the old version

4 seasons pizza P290--so good we almost forgot to take a picture. But Bistro Coron's is still better

New! Nocciola cake (hazelnut) P75--yummy cake version of my fave ice cream flavorNew! Merry berry ice cream cake P95--delicious but too sweet.

So many flavors of ice cream/gelato! What to choose?
The cake selection...good news! slices always available!

The ice cream cakes!

I love that they didn't cut down the trees of Salesiana publishing :)

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Lou said...

Hey, those dishes are more than enough to make one salivate! I can almost smell then eletronically, hehehe


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