Sunday, September 25, 2011

mama's birthday at mann hann and wee nam kee

 My mom's birthday was going to be on a Sunday but mama wanted to spend it on a Saturday so we would have a longer time bonding since it would be my day off. But that meant we'd have to go to megamall in Pasig since Twinx and her hubby had to go to nearby Robinson's for a seminar after lunch. We'd also get to play with baby Alex while his parents were out. So I asked around and finally settled on Mann Hann, a chinese restaurant which also owned a Filipino restaurant beside it called Mannang. Megamall, though is not our usual hangout so we got a bit lost finding the parking area and finding the restaurant itself.

 I'd already eaten at Mannang with my former classmates so it was a safe choice but not an outstanding one.
 This was where my internet research failed me: Oyster cake (P250) Other blogs had raved about it and I wanted to love it but it tasted like togue(mung bean) and green onions and starch. Maybe if it had more oysters...And the weird thing was after eating this, I did not feel hungry for the whole day. I didn't eat merienda or dinner.  Could this be the solution to world hunger? hehehe...
Sweet and sour fish fillet (P250) Best dish we ordered

Lechon macau (P250) Cruchy but mom said she liked North Park's version

Sinigang na corned beef (P240) I liked how the sourness cut through the MSG of the chinese food but Twinx and I agree that Sentro's is the best!

Honey lemon tea pitcher (P110 good for four) satisfying
Free ginger and onion soup. Nice touch.
 On Mama's actual birthday, she didn't want to cook so we ate out instead. I didn't know where we should go so we went to Ayala Triangle and we were supposed to go to Omakase but Ma decided we should try soemthing new and guess what? It was awesome!

The snazzy interiors

 The star of the resto is the Steamed Hainanese chicken (P248-small) It seems uncooked and pale and bland but if you dip it into the sauce or pair it with the crushed ginger or other condiments provided, it is heavenly. It really is served at room temperature, which I thought  was odd but when combined with the chicken rice, it all adds up to a celestial experience. Can you tell that I highly recommend it?
Lime juice and lemon iced tea (P50) satisfactory

Hong Kong Fried noodles (P255) Another winner. Savory and saucy, I liked this better than North Park's noodles.

Fish fillet with ginger and spring onions (P270) Very good and healthy choice. Ma did note that they used a lot of starch, too

My Papa declared that the food here was better than yesterday's lunch. It seemed like we didn't order much but we were quite full at the end of the meal! Our total bill was just P1,200+  We must bring Twinx and family here next time!

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