Sunday, November 13, 2011

i lost, i lost! twice!

I had not yet won an ipad2 when I joined the magnolia name the twin mascots  promo.You had to take a picture with a kid aged 8-12 years old drinking magnolia choclait and think of a name for the twins and then ask your friends to vote for your entry.  The prize was an ipad2.

So I sent in this entry and said I wanted to name then Mico and Maya. Here is my kilometric ms. universe reason why: 

Mico is a great name for an active Pinoy boy who likes video games but also likes to play soccer and basketball and patintero. He’s obedient and respectful but playful, too. His name comes from a combination of MIlk and ChoCO=MICO.

Maya is a very Pinoy name for a girl with a wild imagination. Sometimes she’s a bird, or a wizard or a reporter, but most of the time she’s a sweet girl who loves to read and act out stories. Her name comes from the first and last syllables of Magnolia.

Truth be told , I thought I had it in the bag.
After a much delayed announcement, I found out I didn't win but I was in the top 20 which meant I'd get a gift pack. And I did win best caption so I also won 2 months worth of chocolait! Hurray!

Claiming it was easy enough though it was kind of embarassing to admit to the ad agency people that I had joined a lot of contests, around 20 for this year alone. But hey, I have a free ipad 2 to show for it, so who cares? Bringing the prizes was the hard part. I had to carry my backpak with 1 liter of magnolia inside plus two boxes of chocolait containg 24 tetrapacks at 250ml each! That's 12 liters extra I had to lug around to the office where I split the prize  with my model, Joshua.

It's been a good year and it's not even over! I'm about to buy some groceries now, some of which also have contests! I know I have a problem, I'm living it! I just can't stop joining! Help!

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