Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2 birthday lunches

Here are pics from Ma's birthday which took place on 2 Sundays.

We first had lunch at old reliable Italianni's and ordered the usual salad, artichoke formagio, risotto and bottomless dalandan juice but I was surprised at the bill. Last year, we spent just around P2000 but this year it amounted to P3200! Fortunately, an officemate gave me a P500 discount coupon.
Ang puti nyo ngayon a!
I noticed something wrong with my videocamera, though. The flash is unusually strong. My ma and sis' faces were almost washed out. I actually had to cover the flash a bit with my hand so I didn't blind my family.

Second Sunday was the promised return to Makati Supermart's coffee shop.

It would turn out to be a disappointment. First, the lobster tail was unavailable. We ordered the steak and the other meals that came with rice but none of them were worth writing about, not even the hamburger steak which was supposed to be a house specialty along with their spaghetti. Well, next time, just order their merienda meals like the pancit, spaghetti and burgers. This is the exact same table we ate at on our first visit!

The hamburger---nothing to blog about

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