Thursday, October 11, 2007

Conti's cakes

Mango Bravo: It's huge!

I wanted to buy a really good cake for Ma's birthday like maybe a mango torte but when we went to Cuerva's on Pasay Road, they were closed on Sundays! I bought an utterly forgettable tiramisu from Max's. Next Sunday, all the cake shops in Alabang were too plain or too expensive for my taste so we just bought some Red Ribbon slices. Then my sister remembered Conti's and we begged to pass by BF Homes and we were delighted to find that a) we could by per slice and b) they were all available! Wheee! The Mango Bravo(85 pesos) is one of their signature slices and it's really too tall to eat all the layers in one bite. But the one I loved was the peaches and cream cake (P75) which reminded me of another BF cakehouse we frequented in the 90's called Dates & Nuts. They've stopped making their version of peaches & cream but Conti's version is delectably similar though I suspect they freeze their cakes to preserve them. Nevertheless, I saw some promising items on their resto menu so we must ,must, must return another day!

Why hello, my lovely...

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