Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Amici delivers!

Public service announcement: Amici now delivers! Whoopee! Just call 818 4444 for pizza, pasta and yes, desserts too! I had a problem getting the menu by fax so here's a virtual file for all of you. Mojacko recommends the Montanara pasta(P165) and Spaghetti Vongole e gamberetti(P180) and the Cannelloni (P165)for vegetarians.

Warning: Delivery may take longer than expected depending on the number of dine-in customers, which is a major turn-off I hope they can fix. Instead of the promised 1 hour waiting time, we got our food after an hour AND 30 minutes. Good thing the tiramisu (P50 per slice)was heavenly. Too bad they only deliver gelato by the kilo at a whopping P400 per.


Anonymous said...

hi! you're an angel! :D i heard from a friend that amici delivers already but never got around to checking out the details.

i diiiiie for their caneloni pasta.

thanks again! :D

(got your link from peyups, btw.)

Anonymous said...


can i re-blog? :D i'd cite you. haha. http://star22.blogdrive.com

mojacko said...

you're quite welcome, and sure, spread the word!


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