Thursday, October 11, 2007

Step by step

My cousins abroad will be happy to know that little by little, the Philippines is starting to care about the environment. Shopwise supermarkets sell canvas bags which shoppers can use instead of plastic bags. As an added incentive, canvas bag users double their shopping points when they use the bag. Good job, Shopwise!

SM, the mall my cousins are most familiar with, introduced a green bag for their supermarket too but when I inquired about it, the salesgirl said they didn't offer the bags in the Bicutan branch anymore. What? How can they encourage a generation of shoppers to switch to a green bag when they don't even push it for more than a month? Better shape up SM! When we went to Corregidor last summer, the water on the side of the island facing Manila was full of ugly SM bags! Booo!

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